where do we go?

Our vans get around, there’s no doubt about that, but we do we specialise in certain commercial areas


Where people shop, people will want to eat. Our vans are a big hit with shoppers as they enable them to have a quick bite instead of a sit down meal which takes up valuable shopping time. It’s a concept that works particularly well even when there are catering venues within the retail area as it gives people more choice.

The existing catering sites are positively effected by our vans as they create a more interesting environment for shoppers who in turn stay longer and spend more.


The lunch time rush.

This is such a valuable addition to a commercial space as workers flock to our vans during the lunch period. Meetings are punctuated by either a visit before or after, hey, it’s all on expenses anyway :)


In a time limited event, it’s imperative to have your catering well organised and prepared for any eventuality. Our vans are a winner at events, not only do they come fully stocked but they can be operated completely independently of power, water etc.

They are a complete solution that you can rely on for both functionality and crowd pleasing.