Big and juicy, that’s the only way a burger should be and when you get served one from a vintage wagon it all seems to taste even better.

..and it’s not just the meat lovers that will hoard toward this van, the vegetarians and even the vegans have some delicious juicy burgers waiting for them too!

what to expect...

The Notorious Burger Van will come to your site loaded with the finest beef patties and vegetarian/vegan options – with chips obviously and all the ingredients that our experienced Chef/Servers need to make the best and most notorious burgers on the planet.

The van can be independent of any services which works very well for events. If your venue can supply electricity we will arrive with a plan of exactly where we will pitch, we will have all the necessary certificates ready for us to begin service on the day we arrive.

If you want to create a buzz we can also install on a day of your choosing, with ‘opening soon’ advertising if you have an event that you want to combine it with.


We only use 100% British beef to make our handmade beef patty.

See it in action...

If you are interested in the Notorious Burger van rocking up to your venue but want to experience it first, give us a call and we can point you to its current location, where you can sample it for yourself.