Oh Mama! 
That’s a proper Italian pizza, wood fired for that authentic taste, this has got sharing written all over it, but in the end everyone wants one each.

Thin crispy and topped with delicious melted cheese, this is the ‘go to’ when it comes to lunching.

what to expect...

The Authentic Wood Fired Pizza Wagon will come to your site ready to be fired up and fully stocked with all the ingredients and experienced Chef/Servers.

The van can be independent of any services which works very well for events. If your venue can supply electricity we will arrive with a plan of exactly where we will pitch, we will have all the necessary certificates ready for us to begin service on the day we arrive.

If you want to create a buzz we can also install on a day of your choosing, with ‘opening soon’ advertising if you have an event that you want to combine it with.