a little bit

about the uk streetfood co.

We specialise in operating our converted vintage food trucks throughout city centres and shopping centres, although we can also cater for 1 or 2 day events. 

short term

Wherever people gather…
We have operated our food trucks at various major shopping outlets throughout the U.K. as well as lots of streetfood events in London. We’ve operated at Charing Cross train station, Oxford Street, Tower Hill and Brick Lane etc. 

Long term

We specialise in longer term operations with a wide range of different food types. 

a bit of history

We bought our first HY van in 2015

This van was a ‘barn find’, we spent 6 months restoring and converting it to the Top Dog van, serving the finest gourmet hotdogs.

1 year later

We purchased our 2nd van and converted it to the Rind House van, serving a selection of English sausages, bacon rolls & pulled pork.

At this stage we decided we wanted to grow the business, so we invested in more food trucks. 

The next van...

…was ‘notorious burgers’ serving 100% British beef patty’s served in brioche bun.

Even a horse box!

We added to our fleet a professionally converted horse box to serve the finest Spanish Churros. Our Churros are made with the best Spanish ingredients. We only use fresh handmade dough & hand operated Churros making machine, for the best Spanish Churros experience. 

We can supply anything from ice cream to pizzas etc or if you are looking for an alcoholic beverage at your event then “Van de bar” could be what you are looking for, serving a selection of beers, cocktails,  and other alcoholic beverages.  

our principals

All our staff are fully trained and experienced operators.

Each van is professionally branded to suit each food type. 

We believe to achieve the best quality products we concentrate on one food type per van.